Selvita receives 4.7 million pln to boost AI-backed services for biotech and pharma

Selvita received PLN 4.7 million in funding from the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) for a project aimed at creating an innovative platform for targeted relationship libraries using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The total value of the project is PLN 7.8 million net.

The ProBiAl platform will allow the company to implement new services for companies from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The project aims to improve the early stages of the drug discovery process leading to the identification of the first active substance for further development.

“The development of new therapeutic molecules with assumed therapeutic properties and a good IP position, carried out at the optimal time and budget is one of the greatest challenges that biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are currently facing. The aim of our project is to optimize the initial stages of the drug discovery process, including the design of compound structures with therapeutic potential, as well as the effective synthesis and purification of such designed target compound libraries. To achieve our assumptions, we intend to create a platform that integrates the design of structures and the planning of parallel synthesis and automatic purification, based on available scientific data, using artificial intelligence models”, said the director of the chemistry department of Selvita, Dr. Mirosława Zydroń.


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