Selvita receives 6.26 million pln grant for antiviral drugs development

The aim of the project is to enable the rapid introduction to the market of new antiviral drugs, especially against SARS-CoV-2.

Selvita received PLN 3.26 million in funding from the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) for the implementation of a project aimed at creating a technology enabling the development of new drugs against diseases caused by coronaviruses, the company said. The total value of the project is PLN 6.26 million. The platform will allow the company to implement new services for companies from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

The advantage of the proposed service platform is the possibility of adapting it to the identification of a wide range of inhibitors of other cysteine, serine and aspartyl proteases.

“We expect that our innovative platform based on a library of carefully selected compounds created using a new, patented methodology, will provide effective and safe substances that will be used in the treatment of diseases caused by viruses, including COVID-19. We also believe that our platform will help shorten the process of discovering new antiviral drugs, which may be particularly important in the event of epidemics similar to the current coronavirus pandemic “- said Mirosława Zydroń, member of the board and director of the Chemistry Department at Selvita, quoted in the material.


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