Selena FM analyzes several acquisition targets across Europe

Selena FM Group is analyzing several potential acquisition targets across Europe, including companies with a turnover of between EUR 10 and 100 million. Some of the processes are at an advanced stage, Krzysztof Domarecki, founder and main shareholder, informed ISBnews.TV.

“This year, we are conducting several talks about potential acquisitions at the same time. Some are in a very early stage, some are advanced. A few days ago, we managed to complete the acquisition of the Portuguese Imperalum. For us strategically, this is very important, because we have had Quilosa in Spain for 15 years, now we have Imperalum. And what we will do in the next year or two will be the integration of these companies plus the development of their export potential. Let us remember that Portugal is perfectly positioned for exports,” Domarecki said in an interview with ISBnews.TV.

At the end of August, Selena FM finalized the acquisition of Imperalum for approx. EUR 10.6 million. For Selena’s customers, the acquisition means expanding the product portfolio and supplementing the offer of the Matizol roofing brand, which has been part of the Selena Group since 2010. In addition, Selena is strengthening its role in the waterproofing segment and in other product groups in Portugal, it was reported then.

“Selena is at such a moment in its development that with a business size of approx. EUR 400 million, it already competes with the largest ones. Therefore, there is no possibility of development without acquisitions. For this reason, we are analyzing several potential companies to be acquired throughout Europe. We are looking at companies with a turnover between 10 and 100 million euros,” the president also said.

He added that the company is also looking at goals outside Europe, although transactions on our continent will be able to be carried out faster and easier, without overburdening financial and organizational resources.

Domarecki emphasized that the company is ready for acquisitions in financial terms, thanks to positive financial flows, good cooperation with financing banks and a low level of debt.

In the recently concluded, fourth edition of the “Most Credible in the Polish Economy” awards and distinctions, the ISBnews agency honored Selena Group in the Most Reliable Company category.

Selena FM Group is a global producer and distributor of construction chemicals. The main brands are Tytan, Artelit and Spanish Quilosa. It is one of the world’s three largest producers of polyurethane foam used to assemble windows and doors. Selena’s production plants are located in Poland, Brazil, Korea, China, Romania, Turkey and Spain. In 2008, the company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 1.67 billion in 2022.


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