SDS Optics has completed equipting the clean room for the pilot production of biosensors

The last and key specialized device customized for the planned production of optoelectronic parts of fiber-optic biosensors was delivered to SDS Optic from the USA, and the final payment was made. Thus, the investment stage was completed, including the order, purchase, delivery and start-up of production equipment and machines with a total value of over PLN 2.6 million, the company announced. To finance this milestone, SDS Optic obtained funds from the issue of series D shares carried out in 2021.

“Our clean room has been equipped with devices necessary for the planned production of optoelectronic parts of fiber optic biosensors, which we use in inPROBE microprobes. This is one of the key steps towards achieving production independence on a semi-industrial scale - the planned target production capacity of the clean room is up to approx. 50 thousand. biosensors per year. Earlier, we had already secured the possibility of independent production of biological, chemical and bioengineering elements, while fiber optic biosensors have so far been manufactured by external partners.[...] - said President and CTO Marcin Staniszewski, quoted in the release.

The inPROBE fiber optic microprobe is a biosensor with a high level of sensitivity and specificity, which allows you to measure the concentration of a specific biomarker or a dedicated compound in the patient's body (in vivo test), without the need to collect tissue (biopsy). The basic field of application, the development and commercialization of which the company is currently focusing on, is the diagnosis of HER2-positive breast cancer and the monitoring of targeted therapy for this type of cancer.

SDS Optic is a company developing proprietary inPROBE technology platform for real-time medical diagnostics in cancer, infectious, viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. The company debuted on the NewConnect market on March 15, 2022.

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