SDS Optic wants to start the first phase of clinical trials in May

SDS Optic is about to begin the first phase of clinical trials, the company said. The entrance to the first patient should take place in May this year.

The Lublin-based SDS Optic company has developed the inPROBE fiber optic micro probe. It is a biosensor with a high level of sensitivity and specificity, allowing the biological measurement of the concentration of a specific biomarker or a dedicated compound in the patient's body (in vivo test). The main field of application, the development and commercialization of which the company is currently focusing on, is diagnostics that can accelerate the treatment process of targeted HER2-positive breast cancer. The technology developed by SDS Optic is an alternative diagnostic method to the more time-consuming and more invasive traditional biopsy. Global pharmaceutical companies are among the potential recipients of the company's technologies and products, next to healthcare entities, the report said.

"We are currently waiting to 'enter' the first patient. This is the plan for May this year. In January and February, we had training in two centers that are contracted for the first phase of the clinical trial. Doctors from these centers told us during the training that they would like to improve the diagnostic method, introduce automation of certain activities. We adapted and introduced modifications, which we also had to communicate to the Bioethics Committee. We are currently waiting for the entrance to the first patient after the implementation of the changes proposed by the doctors, ”said Marcin Staniszewski, president of SDS Optic, quoted in the release.

SDS Optic is a company that develops the proprietary technology platform inPROBE for real-time medical diagnostics in cancer, infectious, viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. The company made its debut on the NewConnect market on March 15, 2022.

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