SDS Optic registered a subsidiary in the USA

SDS Optic Inc., a subsidiary of SDS Optic, is registered in the State Register of Business Entities maintained by the state of Delaware in the United States of America. The managing persons at SDS Optic USA are Marcin Staniszewski (president, chief executive officer & secretary) and Mateusz Sagan (SVP, chief operating officer & treasurer), SDS Optic reported.

“SDS Optic USA was established for an indefinite period in order to conduct experimental work in the field of development of the inPROBE technology platform in the field of diagnostics of further cancer markers and eye diseases, with the main emphasis on the development of biological components of the company's technology. The strategic goal of the newly established subsidiary is also to reach new partners or potential buyers.

After completing the registration process with the appropriate tax office (the so-called IRS - Internal Revenue Service) and with other public and financial institutions, SDS Optic USA will proceed to rent laboratory space, employ research and development staff and carry out planned research and development works, added.

"SDS Optic USA will be financed from the issuer's own funds, but it is also planned, taking into account the needs and possibilities, to raise grant and investment capital from American financial institutions and investment funds," we also read.

SDS Optic is a company developing proprietary inPROBE technology platform for real-time medical diagnostics in cancer, infectious, viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. The company debuted on the NewConnect market in March 2022.

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