Scope Fluidics received a final tranche of $ 9.4 million for the sale of Curiosity Diagnostics

Scope Fluidics received the suspended final tranche of $ 9.4 million for the sale of Curiosity Diagnostics; thereby receiving the full amount of $ 100 million, the company said.

“We have settled the loan at the European Investment Bank until the end. Thus, we have met the condition enabling Bio-Rad Laboratories to pay the remaining amount of USD 9.45 million for the acquisition of 100% shares in Curiosity Diagnostics. Subsequent payments, which total up to USD 70 million, are already conditional on the Curiosity Diagnostics team reaching milestones, ”said Piotr Garstecki, President of the Scope Fluidics Management Board, quoted in the release.

At least 50% of the amount of revenues from the sale of subsidiaries will be allocated to the payment of dividends or the purchase of own shares, it was also stated.

In August this year. Scope Fluidics has entered into with Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. an agreement to sell 100% of Curiosity Diagnostics shares, the company said. The value of the agreed transaction was up to $ 170 million.

Scope Fluidics was established in 2010 at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences with a view to creating solutions for medicine based on microfluidic technologies. The company deals with the development of technological projects in the area of ​​diagnostics and health protection. Scope Fluidics is listed on NewConnect.

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