Scope Fluidics has started the early access program of the BacterOMIC system

Scope Fluidics – as scheduled – started testing the BacterOMIC system in a hospital laboratory as part of the early access program, the company announced.

“The launch of the early access program is the culmination of several months of hard work by the entire team. We have organized internal laboratory and production facilities, carrying out parallel research and development activities, including: to optimize the cost and logistics of product production and storage. We currently have capacity that meets the needs related to the early access program,” said Piotr Garstecki, president of the company, quoted in the release.

“Launching the early access program is important, but only one of the key areas we focus on. We focus on activities that are fundamental to the value of the BacterOMIC system. Recently, we have started cooperation with an international supplier in preparing the system for commercial production, as well as extending the intellectual property protection of the solutions used on the US market, which is key from our point of view,” added Bernd Eberhardt, CEO of Bacteromic.

Scope Fluidics is working on achieving the operational goals of BacterOMIC, which it announced in May 2023. The company then announced: 1) Commencement of tests of the BacterOMIC system as part of the early access program; 2) Commencement of commercial production of the BacterOMIC system; 3) Expansion of the product and patent portfolio, it was recalled.

In November 2023, the company announced the commencement of preparations for the commercial production of the BacterOMIC system by signing a cooperation agreement with the German company BIT Analytical Instruments, based on which BIT is to produce 10 BacterOMIC devices. The devices can be used to start commercial production and to expand the early access program. According to the provisions of the contract, most of the analyzers are to be delivered in the first quarter of 2024.

The BacterOMIC system is a response to the growing global medical threat of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. BacterOMIC technology is intended to accelerate and increase the effectiveness of patient treatment by identifying the best targeted therapies for a given patient.

Scope Fluidics was established in 2010 at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences with the aim of creating solutions for medicine based on microfluidic technologies. The company is engaged in the development of technological projects in the field of diagnostics and health care. In January 2023, the company moved from NewConnect to the main market of the WSE. It is included in the sWIG80 index.


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