Italians buy nanoprinting solutions from XTPL

XTPL, a global supplier of breakthrough nanoprinting solutions for the global electronics market, announced the acceptance of a new, fifth order for the Delta Printing System device. The ordering party is the Faculty of Information Engineering (Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione – DII) from the University of Brescia, Italy. Based on the innovative, proprietary nanoprinting technology and intended for rapid prototyping, the device will be used by the research team to apply selected materials to create ultra-sensitive and biodegradable organic bioelectronics and an organic biosensor matrix.

The Delta Printing System will go to the hands of experts in the field of emerging integrated electronics and bioelectronics, physics of advanced semiconductor devices and devices simulating the work of the brain by controlling ions as signal carriers, as well as simulation and modeling of organic and amorphous transistors, who work as part of the Microelectronics and Development research group Of Technology from the Faculty of Information Engineering of the University led by prof. Fabrizio Torricelli.

“The sale of another Delta Printing System device for such recognized scientists from the University of Brescia opens up new possibilities for the use of the unique XTPL technology. It will support research on the development of advanced highly sensitive and ultimately biodegradable biosensors. These types of biosensors can also be used in biomedicine, in new generation diagnostic devices or personalized medicine. For XTPL, it is a unique opportunity to enter another market segment, and thanks to the DII position among industrial recipients, to increase the commercialization potential of our technology” – says Filip Granek, President of the Management Board of XTPL S.A.


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