Scientists from the Central Mining Institute have been recognized around the world

A new ranking “World’s Top 2% Scientists” has been released, i.e. a prestigious list of the most influential people of science in the world. This year, the list included nearly 190,000 scientists from 22 disciplines divided into 176 fields, including 957 people working in Polish research centers.

Two lists have been prepared. The first list covered the entire scientific achievements for the entire period of professional work until 2020, while the second one included the ranking of citations only for 2020.

Prof. dr hab. Adam Smoliński and prof. dr hab. Eng. Krzysztof Stańczyk.

The second list, including the ranking of citations only for 2020, also includes prof. dr hab. Eng. Józef Dubiński, dr hab. Eng. Natalia Howaniec and prof. dr hab. Adam Smoliński.

The ranking is compiled by analysts from Stanford University, Elsevier publishing house and SciTech Strategies. They evaluate the entire scientific output of researchers according to the bibliometric index, taking into account, criteria such as the Hirsch index, the number of citations or the position on the list of authors.


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