SatRev is counting on new contracts, building on the experience of the project for Oman

SatRev - from the JR Holding portfolio - expects to sign new contracts based on experience from the Oman satellite project, Damian Jamroz, vice president of SatRev, informed ISBtech.

“We are developing cooperation with new countries in Africa and the Middle East. We are on the eve of signing new contracts based on the experience of the Omani project, ”informed ISBtech Jamroz during the SII WallStreet 26 conference.

The contract for the Sultanate in Oman is a key SatRev deal. For this country, the company produces a full satellite system and is responsible for placing it in orbit in cooperation with Virgin Orbit.

“The contract is at the end of its implementation, the satellites have been produced. They are currently undergoing a comprehensive testing process. During the holiday season, we plan to launch them into orbit during the Virgin Orbit mission. The launch will take place from the territory of Great Britain, ”added the vice president.

As he pointed out, the data that the satellite will collect will be used in many areas of the economy in the Middle East: for the early detection of oil spots, research on the emissions of the Oman economy, and will also allow the country to develop other services in the field of data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

SatRev (formerly SatRevolution) was founded in Poland in 2016 to focus on the emerging space market. Thanks to vertically integrated activities, the company specializes in the design, production and operation of satellites.

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