SatRev has developed new high-definition satellites and will deliver more to Oman

SatRev, from the portfolio of JR Holding ASI, has developed new high-definition satellites with DeploScope technology and is developing cooperation with Oman, informed ISBtech SatRev CEO Grzegorz Zwoliński.

“In 2023, we will be finalizing a number of exciting projects. In October, together with Space X, we will launch the ‘Aman-1’ satellite, launch two more medium resolution ‘STORK’ satellites, as well as eight high definition satellites based on our revolutionary DeploScope technology. I recently returned from Oman, where we discussed expanding our cooperation with Oman. The plans include the delivery of further ‘Aman’ satellites and the development of a ground station for communication and satellite operation. The aim of the cooperation is to provide comprehensive data and analytical solutions for monitoring the oil and gas industry of the Sultanate of Oman. This is a promising step in our further cooperation with this country,” said ISBtech Zwoliński.

He added that what distinguishes SatRev from other companies developing and producing SatRev nanosatellites is that it is not tied to one partner.

“This means that we can build nanosatellites and launch them in cooperation with any company. We do not have exclusive contracts with any of the space companies, so we are free to work with whoever best suits our customers’ needs. (…),” the CEO pointed out.

He stated that the platform developed by the company to place satellites in space (deployer) is “a real game-changer in the satellite industry.”


SatRev is a Polish space company, founded in 2016, developing one of the largest constellations of Earth observation satellites.


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