SAP Polska, after the record-breaking 2022, has high expectations for the current year

SAP Polska, after a record-breaking 2022, has high expectations for the current year, with dynamic growth of the cloud business, and ambitious development plans in the Polish segment of medium-sized companies, informed ISBtech CEO Piotr Ferszka.

“First of all, 2022 was a record year for us. The vast majority of business is already a cloud business, i.e. revenues from cloud solutions are higher than revenues from on-premise. The pipeline of projects for the coming quarters and years also shows that the discussion about the cloud is dominant at the moment. The increase in SAP Polska’s revenues from the cloud in 2022 compared to 2021 is 66%. In 2022, revenues from the cloud are more than three times higher than from licenses. Meanwhile, in 2021, revenues from the cloud were more than twice lower than from licenses. And 2023? We have high, but realistic, expectations for this year,” Ferszka told ISBtech.

Still an important part of SAP Polska’s activity is service support for older solutions and the so-called installed-base.


SAP is also facing the migration of older SAP ERP systems to the latest RISE with SAP or GROW with SAP solutions based on SAP S/4HANA.

“In Poland, this includes over a hundred customers who will end support for some older systems in 2025, and several hundred more who have time to migrate to new solutions by the end of 2027. These are usually large, and often huge companies that use SAP solutions for their key processes – be it logistics, transport, production, financial and accounting areas or HR. This is a big decision for us and for these companies. Hence, we complement the human aspect with professionals. Without a key decision and responsible steps, this transformation cannot be carried out in an organized, safe and effective way for customers. Technological debt combined with the deadline of support for older products are just some of the motivators of our clients,” summed up the president of SAP Polska.

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