Government debates new tool for housing policy: Social Rental Agencies.

The pandemic caused major perturbations in the rental market.

The bill introducing Social Rental Agencies was sent for consideration by the infrastructure commission. The opposition indicated that the regulations would not solve the housing problem in Poland. Anna Kornecka, the deputy head of MRPiT, explained that this is one of many introduced solutions.

The government draft amendment to the act on certain forms of support for housing construction and other acts provides, inter alia, introducing social rental agencies (SAN) into the legal order, i.e. a model of intermediation between apartment owners and natural persons whose income or living situation does not allow for commercial renting of an apartment.

During the first reading of the bill in the Sejm, Deputy Minister of Labor, Development and Technology Anna Kornecka said that the solution would be an additional instrument for municipalities to extend the tools for conducting housing policy, while for people with low and middle incomes it would be an additional way to meet their housing needs.

She indicated that the pandemic caused major perturbations in the rental market. “Due to the absence of students or employees from abroad on the rental market, some apartment owners lost tenants. SAN gives the opportunity to use the existing apartments as part of the municipal housing policy, while ensuring the maintenance of the source of income” – she emphasized.

She informed that the draft contains a definition of a social rental agency and rules for concluding contracts between the municipality, SAN, the owner of the apartment and the tenant. In a resolution, communes will define the criteria on the basis of which it will be possible to apply for a flat.


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