Saly b2b software start-up raises PLN 3 million

Saly S.A., a software provider and owner of a B2B e-commerce platform, obtained PLN 3 million from Dawid Zieliński, a well-known Polish entrepreneur and the President and co-founder of Columbus Energy S.A. The funds will be allocated for product development and to boost sales.

The investment, in the amount of PLN 3 million, was carried out by Gemstone S.A., fully managed by Dawid Zieliński, President of Columbus Energy S.A. Thus, Dawid Zieliński acquired 36.6% of shares in Saly S.A.

  • I decided to invest in Saly S.A. because I see great potential in it. As I have run several start-ups myself, the last of which, Columbus, has turned into the largest company on the Polish photovoltaic market, I know how important it is to recapitalize the company at the right moment. I feel that Saly, a provider of modern e-commerce solutions for business, is at this point, and thanks to a small financial injection, it can properly direct its further development – comments Dawid Zieliński.

The Saly solution creates a new online sales channel for companies and provides the necessary data and analysis to maximize the effectiveness of the B2B sales process.


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