Sales of decorative paints increased by 3,2% y / y to PLN 2,4 billion in 2021

The sales value of decorative paints - which are the largest market segment - increased by 3.2% y / y to PLN 2 403 million in 2021 as compared to an increase of 6.2% y / y a year earlier, the Polish Association of Paints and Adhesives Producers (PZPFiK ).

“2022 and the following years may prove to be a challenge for decorative paints. We do not know when and how the war across the eastern border will go. However, it can be assumed that with the end of the conflict and the emergence of the so-called Of the Marshall Plan for Ukraine, the Polish construction industry may win many contracts, ”commented Bartłomiej Ślązak, managing director of PZPFiK, in the statement.

“The results of the decorative paint industry in Poland in 2021 were influenced by two factors. Firstly, in 2021, Poles were less isolated and renovated their apartments or houses on plots of land less. Secondly, in 2021 the entire industry faced unprecedented problems on the raw materials market. The entire year is marked by a gradual increase in the prices of raw materials used in the production of construction chemicals. It was caused by their limited availability, resulting from, inter alia, from significantly increased demand in China. In addition, the availability of containers, which were found in different parts of the world due to COVID-19, has decreased. Disrupted supply chains and an increase in the cost of sea transport could have an impact on the profitability of the business ”- reads in the material.

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