Rzeczpospolita has chosen the most hot Polish startups of 2021.

Rzeczpospolita presents an overview of innovative companies for which the coming months are to be crucial for their dynamic development. Although they are far from the unicorn status, they can apply for the title of the most hot startups this year.

10 Polish startups that - in opinion - may be loud this year. In this year's edition of the ranking, the selection was made by: Tomasz Jażdżyński, president of Gremi Media, Paweł Rożyński, editor of the "Rzeczpospolita Cyfrowa" website, and Katarzyna Kucharczyk and Michał Duszczyk, journalists specializing in new technologies.

Self-taught chatbot - Polish AI technology is changing banks.
The Lodz patent will protect the coral reefs and our skin.
They were the first to implement the iris payment system.

Make money on oxygen. The Gdynia-based startup wants to be a leader in the region.
Artificial intelligence will increase the margins of online traders.
10 minutes on Facebook, which is a simple way to learn a language.

The robots will help the warehouses to handle the e-commerce boom.
It wasn't - you will accept money with your card, not withdraw it.

Starward Industries
It worked with Sapkowski, it should work with Lem.


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