RSY is counting on record results in 2023 thanks to i.a. repairs of engines for Ukrainian tanks

RSY from the Sundragon Group assumes that thanks to the orders already obtained from the military segment, the company's results next year have a chance to be record-breaking, informed ISBnews Vice-President Szymon Klimaszyk.

“We carry out a lot of engine repairs for the Polish Army. We are constantly conducting further talks on acquiring new and large orders from customers in the military segment. This allows us to assume that next year should be record-breaking for us in terms of our financial results,” said Klimaszyk in an interview with ISBnews.

RSY, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sundragon, is responsible for this work.

The Vice-President added that the market is seeing an increase in interest in repairing engines for military vehicles, e.g. for T72 and PT91 Twardy tanks or OSA and KUBA self-propelled rocket launchers.

“By the end of March, we should also complete the review and service of the first batch of 40 UTD-20 engines that will be used by the Ukrainian army. There should be more such orders. Now, however, we must focus on doing our job on the first batch of engines as best as possible,” Klimaszyk also announced.

The main area of ​​the Sundragon Group remains the sector of solar energy from photovoltaic panels. The driving force behind these activities is the profitable company K500, where Sundragon holds 51% of shares. In three quarters of this year K500 generated over PLN 2.5 million net profit with nearly PLN 19 million in sales.

Sundragon operates in the renewable energy industry. At the same time, through its subsidiary - RSY, it works for entities from the military and railway industries. Sundragon is listed on the NewConnect market.

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