Romanian property rental platform Milluu raises $1 million via crowdfunding to expand in Poland

Romanian property management startup Milluu managed to race past its fundraising target in just three hours. The final investment total reached €884,000, €100,000 above the target, in the largest funding round raised so far through the SeedBlink platform.

Milluu is the first company in the Early Game Ventures portfolio to be listed on SeedBlink. It will use the money to support growth in the local market and expand its property management services in Poland.

Milluu is founded and run by Florin Stoian, an entrepreneur who previously founded StarTaxi, sold to World Com Trading in 2012, and Yellow Menu, which received an investment of €300,000 in 2019.

Through the property management division, Milluu takes over the management of apartments, for which it ensures the risk of non-collection of the rent by guaranteeing uninterrupted payments of the rent for the entire contractual period.

Milluu intends to replicate its business model in Warsaw. Poland is its first move outside of Romania. This market, similar to the one in Romania, is fragmented, unregulated and with very little technology applied to the sector – which offers a good opportunity to adapt the property management model of Milluu.


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