Road Studio gamer debuts on NewConnect

The Warsaw Stock Exchange has set the first day of listing of Road Studio shares. The producer of road and travel games joined the group of companies listed on NewConnect on January 12, 2022. On the day of the debut, a total of 1,141,000 series A, B and C shares will be introduced to trading. Road Studio is also the first company to debut on NewConnect in 2022. The developer is currently working on 6 automotive and survival titles, including the highly anticipated Alaskan Truck Simulator.

“Keeping the investor’s word in mind, we are implementing another milestone, which is joining the group of companies listed on NewConnect. The debut ceremony will be the culmination of the intensified activities that we had to perform in recent months, but also a new stage in Road Studio’s activity. Soon, new investors will have the opportunity and participate in projects, the results of which will be released in 2022” – comments Maciej Nowak, President of the Management Board of Road Studio.

Road Studio is engaged in the production of automotive games, connected with the theme of traveling and exploring the world. The studio is currently working on six titles, including the long-awaited Alaskan Truck Simulator and American Motorcycle Simulator. The first of them will allow you to play the role of a truck driver traveling through the wild and dangerous areas of Alaska. In American Motorcycle Simulator, on the other hand, players will be able to drive over 2,000 miles of the famous “Route 66” behind the wheel of a motorcycle. Both productions are very popular among players, the wishlist of titles amounts to a total of almost 200,000. records. Siberian Truck Simulator and European Motorcycle Simulator are in the pre-production stage.


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