Road Studio signs with investor to develop new “road” games

Road Studio, a producer of road and travel games, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Investor in the implementation of further games related to the automotive market. Movie Games will be the publisher of the projects co-financed by the Investor on a “revenue share” basis. The first game developed in cooperation with the Investor will be presented soon. A team of over 40 specialists is working on Road Studio games, which will debut on NewConnect in the coming weeks.

Road Studio is a company from the Movie Games Family, which has developed a niche, the so-called “Road and travel games” focused on the implementation of the so-called “Road games”, combining driving simulation of various vehicles with a representation of the driver’s life, with a clear plot element. Among the games from the company’s portfolio, the most famous title is Alaskan Truck Simulator, which allows you to experience the sensations accompanying drivers moving through the vast areas of Alaska – from sunny moors, through dense forests, to frosty wastelands. The game is very popular among players and has gathered a large community on social networks and on the Discord platform. In addition, the Company is working on three more productions: American Motorcycle Simulator, Syberian Truck Simulator and European Motorcycle Simulator, which are currently in pre-production.

“We want to show players the broadest possible spectrum of so-called “road games”. We share the risk of financing such an extension of the portfolio with the investor. This will allow us to start working on new designs without disrupting ongoing production. The currently implemented projects are in the hands of our experienced in-house team, which has been significantly expanded and professionalized in the last 18 months. We are currently expanding another internal team” – comments Maciej Nowak, President of the Management Board of Road Studio.

The publisher of the projects co-financed by the investor on a “revenue share” basis will be Movie Games S.A., the parent company of Road Studio.


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