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BiznesPolska.pl is Poland’s leading English-language business website, with focus on foreign investors/English-language speaking business people living in, or working with, Poland. As the media arm of FDI Poland Investors Association, we have a 2-tier Membership structure, with Members getting Full access to BizLists Details, our Weekly Newsletter, special Invitations to bespoke and Partner events, as well as Promotional Article and Videos about your company. VIP Membership (Complimentary) is available to qualified investors in Poland (see Application details below).

Membership Benefits:

  • Video Profile of your CEO/Company upon joining (also posted on Social Media)
  • Article about your Company upon joining
  • Full Access to all BizLists and contact details (Password-Protected)
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • VIP Invitations to our Events, Bespoke Biz Briefings, and Partner Events (complimentary or Discounted)

Cost of Membership: 3800pln for Smaller firms (less than 50 people globally); 5800pln for Larger Firms (more than 50 employees globally)

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