Regional Chamber of Commerce on the condition of Silesian business during the pandemic

Currently, economic environments are looking for guidance on the directions of planning their activities and relationships with other entities – due to the short or long-term effects of the epidemic, changes in consumer trends and ways of managing companies, they also need comprehensive information on available aid funds and the possibility of expanding their activities to new markets.

An important part of the Regional Economic Opening of the Year were plans to support business activities in the field of cooperation between entrepreneurs from Poland and Hungary.

Exports to Hungary of Polish companies from various industries are growing: 39 percent. are products of the electromechanical industry, 16 percent. metallurgy, 14 percent chemical industry, and 13 percent. are agricultural and food products. Hungary is the fifth largest recipient of Polish investments (value of EUR 1.3 billion at the end of 2019). This shows the potential that can also be used by small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

How to find financing for the company?

The Industrial Development Agency has been helping to counteract the negative consequences of the pandemic for a year. 900 applications were analyzed and PLN 1.7 billion was allocated as part of the ARP Targą project.

At the request of the Ministry of Development, from the end of September 2020, the distribution of funds in the field of the New Chance Policy has been taking place.

At the beginning of the year, in cooperation with the Polish Leasing Association, a new instrument was developed – a loan under a leasing agreement for representatives of the bus transport industry.

Talks are also underway with the Polish Bank Association on a solution that would make it possible to use ARP support under loan and investment agreements, so that the Company could take over the loan repayments for entrepreneurs for 12 months.


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