Red Carpet Media Group wants to have up to 200,000 VOD subscribers untill 2023-2024

Red Carpet Media Group wants to reach up to 200 thousand. subscribers of the VOD service until 2023-2024, the chairman of the supervisory board of the company Leszek Kułak informed ISBtech.

"By 2023-2024, we want to have up to 200,000. VOD subscribers. Currently, it is several thousand, but we have only just started this service, ”said ISBtech Kułak during the company's debut on NewConnect.

At the same time, by 2024, the company in its strategic plans assumes achieving a total market share of its TV channels at the level of 0.3% SHR in commercial groups, compared to an estimated 0.1% at present.

“The goal comes down to increasing viewership through technical coverage and the attractiveness of the offer. For the stock exchange debut, we bought attractive content, such as the series 'Moda na Sukces', which has a large group of loyal audiences as part of the formula to expand the target group and build viewership. Our proposal is well received, the plan we presented is realistic. Our activities will be supported by a campaign on the Internet, on billboards, but on radio and TV ”- mentioned the chairman of the company's Supervisory Board.

In his words, the latest data showed that on Sunday the company's channel beat the second public television program. In addition to acquiring content from the world, Red Carpet will develop its own production.

“Later this year, they will be shorter forms, but we have offers from producers to function on fiction or series projects. To this end, we will strengthen our distribution structure, i.e. develop the subscriber base and increase TV viewership. Then the risk of investing in your own content decreases accordingly, ”Kułak pointed out.

The core business of Red Carpet Media Group is the distribution of a television program called "Red Carpet TV" (lifestyle / film / show business) in telecommunications networks. At the end of the first half of 2022, the company launched its key project - the "REDGO" VOD platform. The platform is to complement the Red Carpet Group's offer for its audience and be based on synergies resulting from the group's competences.

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