Record value of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin alone is valued at over a trillion dollars.

The dollar and the euro are the most important currencies in the world, but cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. Bitcoin alone is already in circulation for over a trillion dollars. The second amount is located in other virtual currencies.

Cryptocurrencies with traditional currencies do not have much in common, except that you can pay with them in some places. They are basically in no material form, e.g. a banknote or coin. They are an electronic record in the computer. It is not controlled by any bank or other supervisory institution.

As an alternative to money, it has been gaining popularity for many months, especially among stock investors. Valuations of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies soared that their combined market value broke another round line of $ 2 trillion.

Nearly $ 1.1 trillion is invested in bitcoin alone. A competing virtual currency called Ethereum is worth around $ 240 billion, and then there are slightly less popular types. In total, there are hundreds of different “coins”.

On Tuesday morning, one bitcoin was valued at less than 59,000. dollars. The course has been held in this area for several weeks. This means some stabilization after weeks and months of systematic price increases.

It is worth noting that we were entering the new year when bitcoin cost around 30,000. dollars. So it doubled its value in three months. And up to 12 months earlier, he was just a few thousand dollars.


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