Noobz from Poland announces big plans with NFTs and Metaverse

After Rafał Zaorski has invested in Noobz from Poland, the company’s president announces how he will use NFT and Metaverse technology in his upcoming projects. The company also announces the intensification of work on the Play of Battle project and even greater involvement of Jacek Bartosiak in it.

Since yesterday, the turnover in Noobz from Poland has not decreased, after Rafał Zaorski bought the company’s shares, which give him a 7.06% stake. In just 3 days, the share price of the producer Total Tank Simulator increased by over 70%. Even before the official announcement, Rafał Zaorski referred to the Metaverse technology, and the president Jarosław Kotowski confirmed that he plans to present how he intends to use it in his productions in March. It was announced on ESPI this afternoon that Noobz will create a game from the Total Tank Simulator universe that will contain NFT tokens.

“For the company it means that more and more investors are interested in Noobz from Poland, which is why we welcome Rafał Zaorski on board. I would like to point out right away that on March 1, Noobz from Poland is calling a press conference, where we will show how our games can benefit from both NFT and Metaverse technologies, ”says Jarosław Kotowski, CEO of Noobz from Poland, to Strefa Inwestorów.

The Noobz from Poland group includes Rookiez from Warsaw, which has recently been transformed into a joint-stock company. The company is currently working on one project – an unannounced 4X title. In recent months, Rookiez has raised funds to start production of the game. As part of the private placement offered, the company raised PLN 1.2 million.


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