Rafako has an agreement with KHNP on nuclear energy projects in Poland and abroad

Rafako and Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) have signed an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of nuclear energy projects. It is about joint participation in nuclear projects carried out both in Poland and in other countries, Rafako reported.
“The fact that the largest players on the nuclear energy market in the world sign such agreements with Rafako clearly proves that we are a natural partner for all those who are seriously interested in participating in the Polish Nuclear Power Program. We have excellent design and implementation facilities as well as human resources. Our company has been creating and modernizing the Polish energy sector for over 70 years and is the best guarantor of a successful energy transformation – necessary to meet environmental conditions, but also necessary in the face of changes in the natural resources market, ”said President Radosław Domagalski-Łabędzki, quoted in the release.

The agreement provides for close cooperation between both entities as regards participation in new nuclear projects, in particular in the Polish Nuclear Power Program. The parties agreed that they will cooperate in communication with the Polish government and other entrepreneurs in the field of the nuclear project, assume the possibility of joint advice and then implementation of the project.

Currently, the schedule of the Polish Nuclear Power Program provides for the construction and commissioning of 2 nuclear power plants, 3 reactors each, and the construction of the first reactor is planned to start in 2026, and its launch in 2033.

Rafako is a producer of boilers and environmental protection devices for the power industry. It offers general implementation of power units fired with fossil fuels. Rafako’s consolidated sales revenue reached PLN 537m in 2021.


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