Chinese Pinggao Group partners with Rafako on energy projects

Rafako has entered into a cooperation agreement with Pinggao Group Co., Ltd. to jointly implement projects, the company said.

“Under the agreement, the companies undertook to jointly participate in tenders for projects that are interesting for both parties, but difficult to implement on their own”.

For this purpose, the companies intend to set up special teams and share their resources with each other to implement the acquired projects together. The companies also plan to jointly prepare documentation and exchange know-how.

“We are happy to have acquired such an experienced partner in Poland, with whom we will be able to jointly implement projects that require the cooperation of two strong companies. We declare full readiness for extensive cooperation, and at the same time support in the technical, hardware and financial area” – commented the general manager of Pinggao Group Li Xiao on the Polish market.

The agreement is to apply in particular to the energy industry, but the parties do not exclude cooperation on other projects as well.


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