Radio Nowy Świat books profit of PLN 3.4 million in 2020

Internet Radio Nowy Świat last year achieved PLN 6.82 million in revenues, of which PLN 6.67 million was from the platform Patronite. At PLN 3.03 million in operating costs, the station had a net profit of PLN 3.44 million.

Its co-founders Patrycja Macjon and Piotr Jedliński intend to sell their shares in the radio.

The collection for Radio Nowy Świat started on the Patronite platform in April last year. The station, created mainly by former journalists of the Trójka, began broadcasting on July 10. According to the report submitted to the National Court Register by the end of last year, it earned PLN 6.67 million from internet patrons.

In mid-July, the shareholders decided at the general meeting that the entire net profit would be allocated to reserve capital.

10 percent each Jan Chojnacki, Magdalena Jethon, Anna Krakowska, Jerzy Sosnowski, together with Zuzanna Łuszczewska and Karolina Kaliszewska (inherited from Krzysztof Łuszczewski, who died in January this year), Patrycja Macjon and Wojciech Mann, have shares of the radio station, and 30 percent. – Piotr Jedliński.


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