R22 wants to focus on developing MailerLite and cyber_Folks in 2023

The R22 Group is not currently considering acquisitions, but it wants to focus on the development of MailerLite and cyber_Folks this year, informed President Jakub Dwernicki. The Management Board will recommend a dividend payout without a share buyback.

“Currently, we are not focusing on acquisitions. In many companies, valuations have normalized, but it is not yet at a level that encourages takeovers. We are monitoring the market and if valuations approach a reasonable level, we will consider acquisitions. However, for now, nothing like that is happening,” said Dwernicki during the Investors Zone webinar.

He added that the reason for such a position is also the willingness to develop MailerLite and cyber_Folks organizationally.

“These are our two main segments that absorb us operationally. We focus strongly on product development, we need to take a breath to be able to act even more actively. This year is a time of development for the cyber_Folks and CPaaS segments. Brand development requires commitment. The big goal for 2023 is to migrate all brands in Romania to the cyber_Folks brand by the end of 2023. We can see how well it worked in Poland, combining services into one resulted in an increase in new customers and recognition. We expect a similar effect in Romania,” added the president of R22.

He reminded that the group achieved over 100 million EBITDA in 2022, “which is crossing the psychological barrier.”


Robert Stasik, vice-president of R22, added that in accordance with the dividend policy, the group assumes that the dividend will be higher.

“We, as the management board, will recommend a dividend payment this year. This year, we are planning only a dividend, without the share buyback formula, which we used last year,” Stasik pointed out.

The R22 Group is a holding company of technology companies. The Group focuses on scalable services offered in the subscription model and SaaS (Software as a Service), operating within the entire value chain. The company has been listed on the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2017.


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