Auto industry lobbiest says governrment must amend ZUS social regulations

The automotive industry wants the government to help save the threatened jobs without costly help, said the president of the Polish Automotive Industry Association Jakub Faryś. He explained that it was about introducing flexible working hours and shifting the payment of contributions to ZUS.

As the president of PZPM pointed out, the difficult situation of the industry caused by the pandemic of 2020 worsened even more in 2021. “Disruptions in supply chains and the lack of parts for production, especially semiconductors used in electronic devices, have caused downtime in the production of new cars in recent months. The prospect of the next months does not indicate an improvement of the situation and the possibility of resuming production” – he indicated.

According to Farys, this will affect the condition of enterprises and will hit employees. “Production downtime means no work for the staff, and if the break continues, entrepreneurs will reduce employment, so the state’s support is needed so that employers do not have to lay off workers” – he stressed.

As he explained, it is not about money. “The industry does not need financial support from the state budget, but it does need a modern and flexible labor law and the possibility of postponing the payment of social security contributions,” he said. He added that these are tools that will allow entrepreneurs to maintain financial liquidity, and thus jobs.


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