PWPW will purchase land for the new plant from Polfa Tarchomin for PLN 143 million

The Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) will buy from Polfa Tarchomin land on which it wants to build a modern securities factory in the next few years. In turn, Polfa Tarchomin will gain an additional PLN 143 million thanks to this transaction, which will be allocated to Polfa Tarchomin completing the construction of the Center for the Development and Production of Oncological Drugs. The entire project will cost around PLN 550 million, the Ministry of State Assets (MAP) announced.

“The construction of the first in Poland and the most modern in this part of Europe Factory of Oncology Drugs in Warsaw’s Tarchomin will contribute to drug safety in Poland,” said Deputy Minister Maciej Małecki, quoted in the release.

He added that the Center for the Development and Production of Oncology Drugs, which is being built in Warsaw’s Tarchomin, will provide patients with access to the latest oncology drugs that will be used in the treatment of, among others, breast cancer, acute leukemia, multiple myeloma. Other highly active drugs used in the treatment of fungal diseases, rheumatology and anaesthesia, as well as injectable antibiotics will also be manufactured here. The launch of the Center for Development and Production of Oncological Drugs is planned at the turn of 2024-2025.


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