PUX creates a new category of nutricosmetics and wants to obtain PLN 4 million from investors

The startup PUX plans to introduce the first vegan nutricosmetic ready-to-drink format in the coming months, the company said. PUX is talking to several investors and VC funds, hoping to raise PLN 4 million, which it will spend on accelerating the sale of its first product (Elixis) in Poland (later in Europe) and research and development of further hyaluron-based products.

PUX hopes that the use of vegan high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in the maximum dose is a recipe for an "innovative hit" among supplements, although at the same time no producer in the world has managed to use this ingredient in such a concentration to create such an effective beauty drink. Supplementation of Elixis - a concentrated, 50-milliliter shot, with a daily dose of 250 mg of hyaluron, with a recipe created by outstanding Polish biotechnologists, is to help millions of people in everyday care for health and beauty, it was indicated.

“At PUX, we believe that true beauty comes from within. Only the holistic support of the whole organism will bring a spectacular improvement in our appearance. We are currently developing beauty drinks - "drinking cosmetics" - based on vegan high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, while maintaining the liquid form of our supplement. Our product is based not only on hyaluron, but also concentrated plant extracts with caring properties and strong antioxidants. Thanks to these solutions, the product will be much more effective than the traditional skin cosmetics used solo, ”said Rafał Pukiński, president and founder of PUX, with 20 years of experience in managing companies from the food and cosmetics sectors, quoted in the release.

The Elixis effect ensures better water absorption in the skin, i.e. more effective skin hydration. Vegan hyaluronic acid also has a protective function, preventing damage caused by oxidative stress caused by free radicals. It accelerates the healing process of wounds and has anti-inflammatory properties, as mentioned in the note.

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