Pure City wants 50 charging stations with touch screens by the end of 2022

Pure City declares the launch of the first 50 electric car charging stations, equipped with LED advertising screens, by the end of 2022, Elocity reported. It is also the eighth brand that will use the "white label" business model offered by Elocity.

“We see the potential of the electromobility industry, but we look at investments related to it much more broadly than most companies entering the zero-emission transport market. That is why we have created a business model stronger than those based solely on the sale of electricity. Our network includes chargers of Polish production, equipped with LED screens. Thanks to them, it will be possible to display any marketing content, ”said the president of Pure City, Wojciech Bieńkowski, quoted in the announcement.

The first Pure City stations - Miejska Sieci Elektrostacji, are to appear in external car parks of selected shopping malls at the turn of October and November. Currently, on-site inspections of about 200 sites are underway, which are verified in terms of installation priorities. After shopping centers, it is planned to extend the availability of brand points to selected cities and communes.

Elocity is a Polish technology company, of the EMP type - electromobility provider, providing operators with a complete solution for managing public and private networks of electric car charging stations. There are over 200 charging stations for all partners in the Elocity app.

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