Pure Biologics has succesfully completed an aptamer selecion contract study

Pure Biologics has successfully completed commissioned contract studies involving the selection of an aptamer that recognizes a client-indicated protein target, the company said. The selection used the PureApta technology platform, created as a result of the implementation of a project co-financed by European Funds in the company.

"By order of Pure Biologics S.A. successfully selected aptamer, providing its sequence and other parameters. The client plans to use Aptamer in a therapeutic solution with anti-virus potential. For the order, the company will receive a one-off fee of PLN 214,000, ”reads the release.

Along with the order for contract research, the company signed an agreement with the client guaranteeing a share in the profits from the commercialization of the aptamer by the client. With the successful completion of contract research, there was an opportunity to realize profits from this contract, it was also indicated.

The profit-sharing agreement contains provisions under which the company is entitled to 6 percent. share in the client's net profits from contracts for a product (therapeutic solution) using an aptamer developed by Pure Biologics. The decision on the development and commercialization of the therapeutic solution rests with the client.

Pure Biologics is a Polish biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing biological drugs and developing extracorporeal therapies. The company conducts research using its own technological platforms for the selection of active particles - antibodies and aptamers. In December 2020, the company moved to the WSE main market from the NewConnect market, where it was listed since December 2018.

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