Pure Biologics has an agreement with Relitech from the Netherlands for a new aptamer project

Pure Biologics has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Dutch company Relitech Besloten Vennootschap to develop an aptamer-based medical device to remove toxins from the blood of patients with chronic kidney disease and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and undergoing hemodialysis, the company said.
Relitech is a leading, certified medical technology company with extensive experience in the development and production of worldwide marketed medical devices.

"As part of the cooperation, the direct goal of which is to create the first, prototype device, Pure Biologics will develop an innovative blood dialysis filter based on the aptamer technologies of the PureApta platform, while Relitech will construct a medical device to perform the above procedure, based on its patented technology" - reads the release .

The process, the purpose of which is to develop a proof-of-concept of the device, will take approx. 14 months. The cost of this stage is estimated at PLN 450,000 for the company. zloty. According to the terms of the contract, in the event of a successful scientific project, the system will then be offered to large medical entities, for which it will complement the offer in the area of ​​dialysis and apheresis.

“The contract signed with Relitech is another confirmation of the attractiveness and potential of the aptamer platform developed by Pure Biologics. We hope that if the R&D works are successful, in the short term, the sale of the project will bring significant financial benefits to our company, ”said Filip Jeleń, co-founder, significant shareholder and president of Pure Biologics, quoted in the announcement.

Pure Biologics is a Polish biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing biological drugs and developing extracorporeal therapies. The company conducts research using its own technological platforms for the selection of active particles - antibodies and aptamers. In December 2020, the company transferred its listing to the main market of the WSE from the NewConnect market, where it was listed since December 2018.

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