PunkPirates is working with Yoshi Innovation on a PTSD treatment research project

PunkPirates has partnered with Yoshi Innovation to implement a research and development project to develop a medical procedure to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using virtual reality technology, the company said.

PTSD is a serious mental disorder that can occur in people who have survived a traumatic experience such as war, terrorist attack, natural disaster, major accident, or other violent attack, it said.

“The implementation of the project is a response to the intensification of armed conflicts in the world. The Issuer will support the project by using the technology developed in the production of games for medical applications using virtual reality. Yoshi, using his extensive experience in the transfer of medical and defense technologies, will be responsible for the commercialization of the project. The development of the medical procedure will be supported by experts in the fields of security and defense sciences and psychology, ”reads the release. Yoshi is also active in the field of obtaining EU funds and grants for research and development projects.

At the same time, it is in possession of the NCAGE code, which allows it to provide solutions for the needs of the Polish Armed Forces and the troops of the North Atlantic Alliance countries, including direct participation in tenders conducted by defense institutions in Poland and NATO countries globally and the US Army and the federal and state government in the US .

PunkPirates (formerly IQ Partners) is a VR game development studio listed on the WSE main market. It deals with the production, publication and marketing of the published titles.


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