PTWP upholds its plans to switch to the WSE this year and return to paying dividends

The PTWP group upholds its plan to debut on the main floor of the WSE this year and its willingness to pay dividends, President Wojciech Kuśpik informed.

“Our goal is to move to the main trading floor and we are not changing that. We assumed that it will happen in 2022 and we are not changing it, "said Kuśpik during the webinar organized by Portal Analiz.

“Liquidity is very important and we are thinking about it and probably some moves on the part of the management board and shareholders will be implemented. Good results and a good business outlook make a lot of investors come forward. These are also PE and VC funds. We have defined the stock exchange direction and we are not changing it. When we enter the main market, we will have to think about shareholder movements, ”added the president, when asked about the low liquidity of shares and the possible entry of funds into the shareholding structure.

Polskie Towarzystwo Wspierania Przedsiębiorczości - the parent company of the PTWP capital group - has been operating on the market since 1995. Publishing activities in the field of specialized web portals and printed magazines, organization of conferences, seminars and special events as well as management of the facilities of the International Congress Center and the Spodek Hall in Katowice - these are the four areas of activity on which the group is currently focusing. It is listed on NewConnect.

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