Education Minister to oversee nuclear energy

Przemysław Czarnek, the Minister of Education and Science, has assumed a new function. He became the vice-chairman of the Council for the development of HTGR reactor technology. It is not known whether he will receive additional remuneration for performing the function.

Minister Przemysław Czarnek will no longer be responsible only for education in the country, but also for the development of nuclear energy. His colleague from the government, Minister of Climate and Environment Michał Kurtyka appointed him to the Council for the Development of HTGR Reactor Technology. Kurtyka himself is its chairman.

What does HTGR stand for? It is the newest reactor currently available on the market. Specifically, it is a gas-cooled high-temperature nuclear reactor (for example, most of the Soviet reactors, including the one in Chernobyl, were and are cooled with water).


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