Pronar has a cooperation agreement with Apollo Capital for expansion in the USA

Polish manufacturer of agricultural equipment Pronar has signed a cooperation agreement with Apollo Capital, Apollo Capital reported. The purpose of the cooperation is Pronaru in the United States by selling Pronaru products. Apollo Capital will build a distribution network under which Pronar products will be available to American farmers.

“Apollo Capital provides services of introducing Polish companies to the US market. Pronar is a very large, experienced company, employing over three thousand people. It has experience in both the production and export of modern agricultural machinery. It is fully ready to expand into the American market. We will introduce Pronar products to the offer of American dealers,” said Apollo Capital manager Dominik Dymecki, quoted in the release.

Thanks to the cooperation, Pronar will significantly expand the sales market for its products, which are currently sold to over 80 countries. As a result of the conclusion of the agreement, Pronar products will become available to American customers – both individual farmers and food-producing conglomerates.

Pronar is a leader in the production and sale of machinery and equipment for agriculture, municipal services and the transport industry. It owns 50 percent share in the Polish market and is the world’s leading manufacturer of machine wheels. The company currently has 9 modern factories (all in Poland), employing over 3,000 people.

Apollo Capital supports Polish companies in their expansion to the United States. He helps companies at all stages of the process of entering and developing on the US market.


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