Krakow medtech Prodromus patents rehabilitation robot

The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland granted to Prodromus sp.z o.o. of the patent entitled Stationary lower limb rehabilitation robot. The company continues the process of expanding patent protection in other markets.

Prodrobot Magna, intended for the treatment of adult patients, is the latest innovation of the Krakow med-tech company Prodromus. Obtaining patent protection is a confirmation of the innovative solutions and their uniqueness. In practice, it also means a legal reservation that they may not be copied and used by other entities on the protected markets.

The company continues to develop its proprietary technology known from Prodrobot – a gait trainer for children. The product, which has been perfected for a decade, functions on the European and Asian markets and is under the registration process in the USA. Both robots are expanded with new functions and new revolutionary proprietary patent claims.

Prodrobot Magna will be introduced to the company’s commercial offer in 2021. Preparatory work is underway to launch certification tests and registration. Prodromus plans to enter new, prospective markets – countries have been identified whose demographic and social challenge will be to provide rehabilitation care for seniors and adults.

About Prodromus:
Prodromus manufactures and supplies high-quality rehabilitation devices currently aimed mainly at children, with a real-time biofeedback system. Patented proprietary technology has been in development for a decade, and nearly 40 Prodrobots help patients in 10 countries in Europe and Asia. The company cooperates with 17 distributors in 29 countries around the world. Prodromus also sells direct on the Polish market. Prodrobot was presented at over 50 international fairs.


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