Prodromus lands first US contract for robotic rehabilitation for children

Prodromus has signed its first contract to supply Prodrobot to the United States, the company said. The recipient of Prodrobot is Techpol LLC.

The contract will be implemented through the subsidiary Innomus, which was established in order to develop Prodrobot version 2.0 and its commercialization in the United States.

“This is an important milestone in the implementation of our strategy. The United States is the 12th foreign market for us where our solutions will be present. I would like to emphasize here that, according to available data, the US market accounts for almost half of the global market for robotic rehabilitation. (…), ”said the president of Prodromus Bartłomiej Wielogórski.

Prodromus produces and supplies high-quality rehabilitation devices currently aimed mainly at children, with a real-time biofeedback system. Patented proprietary technology has been in development for a decade, and nearly 40 Prodrobots help patients in 10 countries in Europe and Asia. The company cooperates with 17 distributors in 29 countries around the world.


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