ProCarePlus Pharma plans to debut on NewConnect at the turn of Q3 and Q4

ProCarePlus Pharma proejcts a systematic development of its portfolio of drugs and dietary supplements with proven clinical value in many areas of the pharmaceutical market.

“The business model of ProCarePlus Pharma assumes focusing on the sale of dietary supplements, generic drugs and generic plus drugs, i.e. proven active substances in new indications, in a new form or without a prescription. We hope that the implemented business model will ensure a dynamic growth of the business scale in Our ambition is also to develop innovative drugs in the future in cooperation with Polish academic units “- said the president of ProCarePlus Pharma, Tomasz Stramek.

In July 2021, ProCarePlus Pharma concluded an agreement with Greek companies for the license and delivery of a drug containing the active substance Rivaroxaban – one of the most important cardiological drugs in thromboembolism. The concluded contract covers, inter alia, delivery of the drug by 2024 for a minimum amount of PLN 590 thousand euro.


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