Proacta has a contract with an estimated value of PLN 18 million, the final recipient of which is ARiMR

Proacta sp. z o. o. – a subsidiary of Proacta SA listed on NewConnect – concluded a subcontractor agreement with Trusted Software Services with an estimated value of PLN 18 million, valid until June 2026. The subject of the agreement is the provision of IT specialists in order to implement IT projects for the final recipient, which is the Restructuring Agency. and Modernization of Agriculture (ARiMR), the company announced.

Software house services, apart from bioinformatics, constitute one of the basic pillars of the activities of Proacta, which, after merging with Codeaddict, increased its capabilities in the field of outsourcing specialists, it was emphasized.

“As the Proacta Group, we run a diversified business model that is based on several areas. One of the key ones are programming services, which are our main source of income. The merger with the former Codeaddict SA., in addition to entering the NewConnect market, gave us greater opportunities to provide IT outsourcing services. We have teams of dedicated specialists that we can adapt to current requirements and change the direction of work as projects develop. This was undoubtedly one of the key factors that determined the choice of our services for such a large project,” said Arkadiusz Zachwieja, president of Proacta SA, quoted in the release.

The agreement with Trusted Software Services concerns subcontracting the services of IT specialists in the implementation of IT projects and assumes the Time & Material cooperation model. The value of the contract is estimated at PLN 18 million, depending on the demand for services. The agreement is of a framework nature and is valid until June 21, 2026.

Proacta recalled that in September it announced cooperation with Integrated Solutions from the Orange Group to develop the concept of an AI system supporting doctors in making diagnostic decisions. Order worth PLN 750,000. PLN net was realized in October. The developed concept is the first stage of a large project of a solution in the field of diagnostic decisions for an end customer from the public health care sector. The intention of Proacta is to participate in the subsequent stages of this project, it was emphasized.

“The agreements we have concluded prove that we are effectively developing our competences in both the software house and bioinformatics areas. We also have dedicated products at various stages of commercialization. Currently, it is crucial for us to develop the innovative DataBION platform for the analysis of medical data and patient history, which is a response to the current needs of both doctors and society,” concluded Vice-President Paweł Ciesielka.

The company is currently in the process of issuing series M shares, under which it plans to offer up to 10 million shares by way of private subscription excluding pre-emptive rights and thus obtain up to PLN 5 million for the development of its own products in the bioinformatics segment.


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