President of PGNiG: Qatar remains our main partner in LNG supplies

“From the beginning of 2023, we will be able to diversify gas supplies to Poland from directions other than the east; Qatar remains our main partner in LNG supplies” – said Paweł Majewski, president of PGNiG on Saturday in Doha.
The president of PGNiG accompanies President Andrzej Duda during his visit to Qatar. “From the point of view of PGNiG’s interests, Qatar is a very important place, in particular Ras Laffan – a gas terminal from which several gas carriers are sent every day, and some of them go to Poland,” Majewski told journalists.

He recalled that the first delivery of LNG, i.e. liquefied natural gas, to the gas terminal in Świnoujście took place 6 years ago and came from the Qatargas company – from the Ras Laffan gas terminal. So far, Majewski reported, over 90 gas carriers from Qatar have been delivered to Poland. “Each of these gas carriers is 200,000 cubic meters, or 90,000 tons of liquefied natural gas,” he added.

Majewski pointed out that LNG supplies from Qatar are part of the diversification of gas supplies to Poland. “Gazoport (in Świnoujście) is still expanding, there will be – we hope – another one, sailing in the Gulf of Gdańsk. We are concluding new contracts with the United States for LNG supplies, and Qatar remains our main partner” – said the president of PGNiG.


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