Preparations under way for new geothermal district heating project in Poland

Reported locally last week, a second tender for the geothermal heating project in Sieradz in Central Poland has been concluded. The city has now signed a contract with the winning bidder who will be supervising the project and drilling activities.

The winner of the bid was Pro-Invest Solutions Sp. z oo Sp. k. with headquarters in Krakow, Poland for a price of PLN 430,000 ($126k or EUR 102k)

It is planned to finalise documentation on geothermal energy in Sieradz by the end of October 2018.

Under the agreement, Pro-Invest Solutions will provide supervision and geological supervision during the implementation of works related to the drilling of a research well. The company is also to control the compliance of the work carried out with the geological work project.

The effect of supervision is to prepare complete documentation, which will be the basis for subsequent work.  The municipality then intends to apply for obtaining external funds for the preparation of the heat network for the needs of geothermal water.

As the City Council of Sieradz reminds, at the end of 2017, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management granted the city a subsidy for a geothermal well in the amount of over PLN 10 million (EUR 2.4 million). Sieradz was in the group of the first four cities in Poland (Sochaczew, Ladek Zdrój, Szaflary), which received co-financing.

A drilling contractor was selected about a month ago. The company G-Drilling has now 110 days from the date of the contract to put up a drilling rig and start drilling the ground at in Sieradz.

The project intends to extract hot water to be used in a district heating system for heating of apartments.

Source: Naszemiasto

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