Pracuj Ventures fund invests in SeniorApp, its 8th portfolio investment

“In the case of companies at a relatively early stage of development, the team is one of the most important investment criteria we consider. Przemek Mroczek and Igor Marczak, the founders of SeniorApp, during the talks gained our trust and built faith in us that with their determination, consistency in action, and at the same time vision, they are able to achieve success. Their current results, including the number of platform users exceeding 16,000, show a promising prospect, ”said the fund’s managing partner, Paweł Leks.

The prospective market, the challenges of an aging population and the gig economy trend were indicated as the main reasons for the investment. SeniorApp is an innovative mobile application and web platform created for people who need support in everyday care, in particular seniors and their families. It is the eighth company in the Pracuj Ventures portfolio.

SeniorApp has been operating on the market for less than a year, has managed to gather a large, constantly growing group of users.

“A dozen or so months ago, the SeniorApp was just an idea that arose from our personal experiences related to caring for loved ones. The breakthrough was the support of Dawid Urban – the first investor. His commitment made us enter the market with a fully functional product. Now, thanks to Pracuj Ventures, we will be able to develop technologically and reach a growing group of users”, said co-creator of the SeniorApp Igor Marczak.

Pracuj Ventures is the first corporate innovation funds in Poland and one of the first in the CEE region, which focuses on investing in companies dealing with technologies supporting HR and learning & development. The mission of the fund is to support innovative and scalable projects operating on the digital HR market.


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