Power Dot will launch 600 charging stations at Biedronka stores by the end of 2024

Power Dot will launch 600 electric car chargers with a power of 120 kW each at Biedronka stores throughout Poland by the end of 2024. Each device will have three charging points.

“We want to build the largest fast charging network in Europe, both in large cities and smaller towns. By 2024, 600 stations, i.e. 1,800 charging points, will be built. This shows that we are becoming an important part of the green revolution,” said Paweł Stolecki, the operational director of the Biedronka chain, during the announcement of cooperation with Power Dot.

The chargers will feature one CCS connector, one ChadeMo and one 11kW AC connector.

“We focus on universality and accessibility, which is why the chargers will be able to make payments with payment cards, by scanning a QR code or as part of roaming using an application or an existing RFID card,” added Grigoriy Grigoriev, General Director in Poland.

As he emphasized, all 600 stations will have independent power connections.

“We started cooperation with the Biedronka network in March 2022 and since then we have been waiting for connection conditions. In about 30 cases, we will also have to build transformer stations. We want to put 150 stations into operation by the end of this year. Currently, two are already operational, the third is waiting for approval by the Energy Regulatory Office, and 9 more are under construction,” he said.

According to him, the cost of the investment can be estimated at “below PLN 0.5 million per station”, and if it is necessary to build a transformer station, by PLN 300-400 thousand. PLN more.

“After 2024, we are open to continuing cooperation with Biedronka at other locations,” declared Grigoriev.

The first 280 devices under this project will be supplied by Ekoenergetyka.

At the end of last year the Biedronka chain had 3,395 outlets. The total area of stores amounted to 2.37 million m2 at the end of last year. compared to 2.24 million m2 a year earlier.

Power Dot is in the process of implementing a charging infrastructure development project in Poland, including the construction of 850 fast charging stations.


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