PolTREG IPO to raise 130 million pln

PolTREG assumes that the value of the partnering contract, which the company plans to conclude in 2024 with one of the global pharmaceutical companies, will amount to at least several hundred million dollars, said Mariusz Jabłoński, board member.

“Looking at the commercial potential of the market, i.e. over USD 13 billion a year in the case of diabetes and USD 28 billion in the case of multiple sclerosis, as well as the evaluations of companies operating in this area, it seems that a reasonable value in our case will be at least several hundred million dollars.” – said Jabłoński during the videoconference.

He made the reservation that it is not yet known whether it will be one strategic partner or several different for individual studies.

PolTREG has yesterday published the prospectus, which shows that it intends to acquire approximately PLN 130 million (gross) from the issue of new shares, which will be allocated to finance the company’s key strategic goals, including clinical trials of cell therapy in the treatment of type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis and the development of the Treg 2.0 platform (antigen-specific Tregi and CAR-TREGs – developed jointly with AZTherapies, one of the world leaders in this area), as well as financing the construction of its own research and development center and a new production laboratory for the commercial production of TREGS preparations in Gdańsk.


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