Polsat Plus and ZE PAK are targeting the production of hydrogen, buses and hydrogen stations

Polsat Plus Group and ZE PAK plans to invest approximately PLN 0.5 billion in hydrogen technologies within 5 years, said Maciej Stec, vice president. The plans cover the construction of the entire chain: from the production of hydrogen in the electrolytic plant, to the storage network, fuel stations and the production of hydrogen buses.
“With ZE PAK, we want to become a leading producer of green hydrogen. We assume investments of approx. PLN 0.5 billion in 5 years, phased in relation to the pace of construction of the green hydrogen market, ”said Stec during the videoconference.

As stated in the presentation, the group’s goal is to have a 100 MW electrolysis plant (first electrolyser in Q2 2022) and production of 40 tons of hydrogen per day. In addition, the first fuel storage facilities of this type are already being tested.

“We also want to distribute hydrogen. Work is underway to build a network of hydrogen refueling stations. We want to have min. 30 stations. The first stations are in the phase of building permits, ”added Stec.

In addition, he indicated that ZE PAK created a prototype of the Polish hydrogen bus. According to him, the plan assumes the target production of 100 buses per year at the factory, which is to start in 2023 in Świdnik.


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